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Maricopa Nursing logo Admission Requirements

Potential applicants are urged to meet with the Admission Officers/Advisors each semester.  Applicants must complete a Student Information Form at the college of first choice and request that all official colleges/universities transcripts are sent to the Admissions Office at the selected college.

High school graduate or GED

HESI Assessment (HESI A2): All applicants must score at a 80% or higher in the English language composite score and 75% or higher in math within 24 months of application.  The HESI A2 review materials are available in college bookstores and libraries.

Advanced Placement and Transfer applicants for Block 3 and Block 4: All Advanced Placement applicants must score at a 80% or higher in the English language composite score and 75% in math (for the HESI A2) within 24 months of application. In addition to the admission examination, all applicants must achieve a score of 850 or higher on the HESI PN Exam to qualify for placement into Block 3 or Block 4. A lower score in the HESI PN may qualify the student for admission to Block 2. All advanced placement admissions are at the discretion of the campus Nursing Director.

Level One Fingerprint Clearance is required for admission into the program. Applicants must present a Level One Fingerprint Clearance Card to be copied by the advisor or designee. For a Department of Public Safety Fingerprint Clearance Card application, contact MCCCD Healthcare/Nursing Advisor.

Once applicants are admitted to one of the nursing programs, applicants will undergo a MCCCD supplemental Background Check Clearance including a check of the List of Excluded Individuals/Entities (LEIE) database an identification check, and a drug screen and must complete the Health and Safety form as requirements for enrollment in nursing courses. Other background checks may be required per healthcare agency contracted with MCCCD; any costs associated with such checks are the responsibility of the student.

Background Check is required for all nursing students who seek to begin MaricopaNursing or other campus nursing programs on or after September 1, 2011. This is the date new background check standards will be in effect. Additionally, students who have been admitted to an MCCCD healthcare program or who are currently enrolled in one as of September 1, 2011 will be required to sign an MCCCD Criminal Background Check Disclosure Acknowledgement form. These changes are necessary due to the fact that six of eleven of MCCCD's largest clinical experience hospital partners have established stringent background check standards that preclude MCCCD from assigning students to those sites who cannot meet those standards. In order for MCCCD students to be able to continue to complete clinical experiences at local hospitals, students must meet these new standards. A student may be dismissed from the program and may receive a failing grade in the course based on the inability to place the student in a clinical facility.

This website prescribes admission and readmission requirements and standards of conduct for students enrolled in MaricopaNursing. The standards are in addition to those detailed under MCCCD policies and Administrative regulations. Violation of any such standard may serve as grounds for non-admission to a program or other discipline, program suspension or dismissal. MaricopaNursing programs reserve the right to make program changes as needed, and to change without previous notice any information requirements and regulations published in this document.

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