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Concurrent Enrollment Programs (CEP)

The Concurrent Enrollment Associate-Baccalaureate Nursing Programs are offered through participating community colleges in the Maricopa Community College District. These programs are designed for qualified nursing students who are interested in earning their Bachelor's of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree while pursuing their Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Nursing degree. Students with a previous bachelors degree may also earn their Master's of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree through Grand Canyon Univeristy while pursuing their Associate of Aplied Science (AAS) in Nursing degree.

The Concurrent Enrollment Programs allow students to pursue an AAS degree in nursing via the current MaricopaNursing program while providing an affordable, concurrent course of study that enables students to complete their BSN degree in approximately one semester after graduating with their AAS degree. A limited number of participants are selected from the pool of MaricopaNursing students who have met all Associate-Baccalaureate CEP identified eligibility requirements.

Program brochures for all current CEP Partners are provided below. The CEP Application is a single form for all partners and is linked below as well. Please note — all applicants are required to register for and attend a CEP information session prior to applying to a CEP. If the student does not attend an information session and his/her name does not appear on a CEP information session roster, the student will not be eligible to submit an application for a CEP.

Current CEP Application form

Enrollment Model

Arizona State University (ASU)

Franklin Pierce University

Northern Arizona University (NAU)

Upper Iowa University

Grand Canyon University - CEP for MSN - for students with previous bachelor degree